Take responsibility for your energy

I just finished teaching a lunchtime yoga pilates fusion class and the energy was awesome. In fact, it was so tremendous that it got me thinking about why the tone of a class can be so different on some days, simply based on the energy level. Although there are many factors including the format and what I actually teach, the weather, time of day and so much more, one big determining factor is simply the energy students bring in the room. Energy – booth good and bad — is contagious.

In 2011, during Oprah Winfrey’s last show, she shared a quote that has had a lot of impact on her life: “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” What a powerful reminder to all of us that we can truly change, even if only a little, the collective energy based on our own. Think about how you may avoid certain people or situations, and for good reason, as their energy, outlook or actions are simply exhausting and don’t make you feel good.

Taking responsibility for your own energy is all fine and good when you are having a great day and it is easy to spread that high energy, but what about days in which you just can’t muster that good mo-jo? Maybe the whole point of going to yoga is that you need to destress, escape from a crummy day or get your groove back? Then what? Well, that’s when popular quote number two comes into play: “Energy flows where intention goes.” Enter the power of suggestion. Can you muster the strength to leave the bad energy at the door and walk in neutral, hoping to borrow some “feel good” energy from your fellow students?

Own your energy and its impact my friends. And you need to grab some from others, that is okay to, but shield the bad stuff.

Published September 29, 2017