Change of seasons can mean rebirth and growth

There is a common theme this week among so many religious or cultural beliefs: new beginnings and peace! Today marks the fall equinox, the United Nations has declared it the International Day of Peace, we have a new moon in Virgo, and Rosh Hashanah started last night. While so many view this season as death with leaves falling and days growing shorter, another way to look at it is as a rebirth. It is the time of harvest and making room for new opportunities. For example, Rosh Hashanah helps us celebrate the new year and gives us a chance to set goals and make peace with others and ourselves.

As we enter into Vata season, we may find ourselves a bit dry, airy and irritable. A great article providing tips on how to thrive in Vata season can be found here:

No matter your beliefs, this time of year gives us the opportunity to look at ways to harvest and plant new seeds for the future.

L’Shanah Tovah friends!

Published September 21, 2017