Maybe someone told you that you would be a good teacher, or maybe you feel this calling to share your love of yoga with others. Or, maybe you simply love to learn and want to grow your own practice. Whatever the reason you feel compelled to consider teacher training, we encourage you to explore this interest as it will enable you to grow in so many ways.

The Find Your Edge Yoga Teaching Training Program, a registered school through Yoga Alliance, is built on a new model of training and development. While many competing programs in the marketplace require extensive times in the classroom with minimal time between sessions, this program has been carefully tailored to meet a variety of learning styles. Although there is required in-person training hours, students are able to cater their program to include educational time between sessions with online activities, ensuring consistency of concepts and greater exploration of the themes discussed.

In addition to earning your 200-hour certification, which most studios require as a minimum qualification, Find Your Edge Yoga, LLC also has a 300-hour offering, which enables graduates to earn the 500-hour designation.


The Find Your Edge Yoga Teaching Training Program differs from most competing schools as it incorporates modern educational learning tools, styles and flexibility. Key features of the Find Your Edge Yoga program include:

  • VARIETY: Exposure to a variety of yoga styles as compared to many programs rooted in one particular yoga lineage. Students will learn different styles of yoga but also experience it through partnerships with a wide-range of local studios.
  • MENTORING: Consistent, ongoing mentoring from lead teacher throughout the program and then at the 3, 6 month and 12 month period after graduation.
  • FLEXIBLITY: You have a life! The program schedule offers flexibility including the option to make-up sessions missed due to illness or family/work commitments.
  • BALANCE! Still having a balanced life is at the top of the list for many interested in becoming a teacher. While in-person training is mandatory to earn certification through Yoga Alliance, and necessary as so many concepts are best learned in-person, there are many topics that can be discussed using an online discussion board, phone conference and other online tools between in-person sessions. This new model requires 2-3 hours of time a week (including completing the necessary readings), but limits time sitting in a classroom away from work and family.
  • THE REST OF THE STORY: This program goes beyond learning poses, cueing and sequencing to a broad-based education on yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga for special populations (those with chronic pain, seniors, kids, pregnancy, etc.) and the business of yoga.


“The combination of in-person and online trainings/discussions fit my busy lifestyle. If this unique program didn’t exist, I would still be wishing I could find one that would fit. I leave the program well-prepared and ready to be a teacher and a student of yoga for the rest of my life.”

“This program is highly recommended for the yoga student looking for a comprehensive teaching program that includes a flexible class schedule. Students will obtain a better understanding of the roots of yoga, learn how to safely sequence classes, practice teaching students and learn how to run his/her own yoga business.”

“My experience was very positive and rewarding. Our curriculum was robust and clearly laid out. I feel good about moving onto teaching!  I received more than I expected.”

“The Find Your Edge Yoga teacher training program was astounding! It pays great attention to its students and leaves no stone unturned in any aspect of what yoga is and how to become a great teacher. It gives you skills that will last a lifetime. It also offers a wealth of resources outside the classroom that provides so much knowledge and exposure to enrich the students’ education.”

“I could not have asked for a more supportive yoga teacher training program. I loved learning about the history of yoga, the anatomy of the body, and each of the eight limbs of yoga. Throughout my training, I was exposed to many different styles of yoga and many different yoga teachers. Each time I plan and teach a class, I think about all I learned from this amazing program. I am deeply grateful to have had this experience, and I hope others will find this program.”


Questions?  Reach out to kimberly@findyouredgeyoga.com to schedule time to discuss your interest.

“Find Your Edge Yoga has given me the confidence to be a great yoga teacher both on and off the mat. This program will allow you to learn all types of yoga making you a more well-rounded teacher. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

“The Find Your Edge Yoga 200-hour teacher training program was so much more than I expected. The quality of the teachers, the manuals, and the required reading materials was excellent. The emphasis on sequencing, cuing, and practice teaching was so important to my development as a teacher. With a very demanding full-time job, I found the training schedule to be quite manageable.”

“What I loved most about yoga teacher training with Find Your Edge Yoga is how well-rounded it is. I learned about asana, of course, but I also learned about more than just the physical part of yoga. I learned about and, more important, did the mind work. I learned the history of yoga. I studied the many ways to practice yoga. I didn’t just learn how to plan a class or instruct asanas in a class. I learned how to live a yogic life. Kimberly and all of the guest instructors taught me so much, including how to always be a student, always learning and growing in my practice.”